Steyning Museum
welcomes schools

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West Sussex,
BN44 3YB
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School Display
Laundry Display

Offering support
to your school

We are happy to offer individually tailored sessions to meet various aspects of the National Curriculum. Please contact us (and arrange to visit the museum first if you can) to discuss what you want from the session, to agree the main focus, how it will be organised and what your involvement will be.

Bring the past
to life

We can help you with many topics and study units in history, plus links with geography, art, science and technology.

Timber Frame Display
Victorian Display

How did
people live?

Romans, Saxons,
Victorians, WW2

Childhood, Domestic Life,
Work, Transport, Buildings,
Schools, Wars, Pastimes

How did
Steyning begin?

Why Here?


Saxon Display
Romano-British Display

to the Museum

Come and see our wide range of child-friendly exhibits and the hands-on activities in our children's corner. We have enough space in the museum for a whole class of children at a time. We can do short whole class sessions and split your class into groups for investigations and other practical tasks.

We have children's costumes from different historical periods and artefacts to handle.

We have recently planned visits on specific topics such as Toys and Games for KS1, Settlements for KS2 and the River Adur for KS3.

We also offer historical skills sessions for all ages.

Cobbler's Bench
Children Display

Visits to Schools

Our experienced educational staff include ex-teachers, who are happy to plan sessions with or for you, tailored to suit your curriculum needs. We can bring a wide range of artefacts for children to observe, handle, investigate and draw. We are happy to plan our visits as whole lessons to meet your requirements.

Site visits

We are happy to lead school visits to Bramber Castle or to take pupils on walks around Steyning to investigate different aspects of Steyning's past and its setting.

Old Workhouse

We are entirely based on voluntary donations.
If you feel able to make a contribution, it will be greatly appreciated.

Contact the museum: 01903 813333 or email
Email Address
to discuss your requirement.

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