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Steyning Buildings: An Exhibition of Children’s Needlework

Embroidery by 8 year old boys and girls
at St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School, Steyning

An exhibition of children’s needlework made quite an impact on visitors to Steyning Museum. The boys and girls who embroidered their favourite historic buildings in Steyning were only eight years old. These stunning pieces were put on display at Steyning Museum in September, 2010. They caused quite a stir. How could eight year old children produce such marvellous needlework, when some adults can hardly sew on a shirt button?

The children set out to embroider some of their favourite historic buildings in Steyning. They chose:

Saxon Cottage in Church Street
Old Market House in the High Street
Stone House in the High Street
St Andrew’s Church

We thought these pieces should be shared with visitors to our web site as well. Maybe they will inspire more people to have a go – adults as well as children.

  • Stone House
    Stone House