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Audio Guide

You can use your own mobile smartphone (Apple or Android) and be guided around the museum by text or the voices of our volunteers. There is no app to be downloaded and no phone charges or other fees to incur.

Connect to our wifi network on arrival at the museum and then use your device’s camera app to scan the QR codes that we have placed around the museum.
We have identified around 20 key exhibits in the museum and provided a bit more background information about them.

The scripts have been written by one of the museum’s volunteers and for the most part the voices heard are also volunteers, although one piece is narrated by a professional actor. Steyning’s self-proclaimed poet laureate (Simon Zec) appears in a video-piece reading one of his poems written during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

The audio guide will work with any reasonably recent smartphone or tablet device, whether Apple or Android.

We encourage the use of earphones to minimise disturbance to other visitors.

Sample page from the guide
Sample page from the guide