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This is a selection from Steyning Museum's large photographic collection. Click on each picture to see a larger version in a new window. There is more on our Family History Blog. If you can add any missing names or details, please let us know. Your information will be preserved for the use of generations to come.

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Cricket Club c1876
Steyning cricket club c1876
Back Row left to right: Edwin Breach, P Breach, W Clements, W Mitchell, W Meechen, W P Breach, J White, A Smart, C Steadman.
Front Row: J Skinner, J Airey, E Cripps, T Breach.

Wiston School Girls
Wiston School girls (with three little boys) c1899
Back Row left: Miss Emily Isted, b. c1871, Assistant Schoolmistress; right: Mrs Sarah Ann Isted, b. early 1847, Schoolmistress. Pupils left to right: Unknown, (probably Dorcas) Allen, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, E Holland, Ruth Holland, Effie Short, Alice Knight, unknown, ? (possibly Mary) Madgewick, unknown.
Middle Row: Unknown, unknown, ? (probably Edith) Allen, May Holland, unknown, unknown, Rosa Hoad, Nora King, unknown, Eliza Worsfold, unknown, A Hoad, unknown, Minnie Stiles.
Front Row: Unknown, Mabel Carter, Fred Carter, David King, Elizabeth (Lizzie) King, Emily (Emmy) Clements, B Field, Bertha King, Aggie Madgewick, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.

Wiston School Boys
Wiston School boys c1899
Back Row left: Mr John Henry Isted, b.1836/7, Schoolmaster; Pupils left to right: E Allen, unknown, ? Allen, Alfred Merritt, Thomas Worsfold, unknown, Frank  Merritt.
Middle Row: Ernest King, ? Allen, unknown, (probably Thomas) Meetens, (probably  Alfred) Meetens, Alfred Blunden, unknown, T  Hedger, unknown, ? Allen, unknown.
Front Row: (probably James) Meetens, (probably Alfred) Meetens, Herbert (Bert) Carter, ? Maple, unknown, William (Bill) Clements, unknown, Peter Clements, Frank Heath, Albert (Bert) Clements, unknown.

Wiston School Mixed
Wiston School boys and girls c1902
Back Row left: Mr John Henry Isted, b. c1837, Schoolmaster; right: Miss Emily Isted, b. c1871, Assistant Schoolmistress. Pupils left to right: Peter Clements, William (Bill) Clements, unknown, Sydney Pelling, unknown.
Next to Back Row: Edgar Dumas, Edward (Ted) Terry, ? Meetens, Frank Heath, Herbert (Bert) Carter, Alfred Merritt.
Next to Front Row: Unknown, unknown, ? (possibly Ellen) Meetens, unknown, Emily Clements, unknown, Hilda Heath, unknown.
Front Row: Arthur Francis, Ernest Merritt, unknown, unknown, Raymond Carter, Edward Meetens, Frederick Carter.

Carnival in 1926
British Legion carnival, fancy dress,
Steyning, 9 September 1926
The gathering is on the cricket field. Charlton Street cottages are visible in the background. On the left, with moustache and hat, is Charles Woolgar, wheelwright. Holding a sign and wearing a cap is Harry Linfield. The two girls next to him are Nancy Coote and Hazell Adcock. In the background, centre, wearing a cap is Mr Pelling, next to George Coleman, carrier.

Carnival 1929
Steyning carnival merry-go-round, 1929
Men probably involved in organising the carnival on the cricket field.
Left-to-right: Percy Gray, draper; Dennis West, printer; Lewis Wood, garage owner; M Holder, Stationmaster; (behind) Teddy Holmes, coal merchant and haulage contractor; Frank Duke, builder; Mr Linfield from Bramber; Handley Ham, retired churchwarden; and Mr Kibblewhite, Headmaster of the National School.

Patches Theatre Group
Patches theatre group, Steyning, c1930
The "Patches" performed variety turns in local amateur dramatics productions.
Left to right: Miss E Bateman, Mrs A Francis, Mrs L Ashby, Mr W Skinner, Miss A Francis (behind), Miss Gladys Feast (in front), Mr A E Day, Miss Jackman, Mrs G M Skinner, Miss Ivy Holden.

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