Steyning: Pretty as a Picture
but does the old place still look the same?

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Church Street

Church Street joins the High Street at a crossroad. At this point there are several medieval buildings in view. This is the Wealden-type hall house near the corner of Church Street. The postcard is on sale at Steyning Museum.

Church Street 1890

Church Street was formerly known as Middle Street. Until 1890, the date of this drawing, animals were sold in the street. Then the livestock markets moved to a site near the railway station and a scene familiar for many centuries came to an end.

Grammar School

The old Grammar School buildings in Church Street are still in use. There was a school for boys here recorded in 1579. The timbers in the oldest part, Brotherhood Hall, have been dated to 1461. Read more about Steyning Grammar School via the History page.

The Stone House

The oldest house in Steyning stands on the High Street at the crossroad opposite Church Street. The flint lower storey dates from the early 14th century and the timber-framed upper storey is 16th century. There is some evidence that the Stone House was once a prison. Although there is no proof, the Steyning mint established by King Cnut is generally believed to have been on this site. This postcard picture of 1910 shows that one hundred years can pass with very little change. The caption below the cyclist says, "In an old fashioned town". . .


Walk Books

There are booklets on sale at Steyning Museum to guide visitors on walks around the town and the surrounding area. Many more pictures, photographs and postcards are available to view in the archives or to buy in the museum shop.

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