For May 20, 2008


Steyning Museum is putting on a new exhibition of watercolour paintings of Steyning and the locality by Katy Sleight.

These are beautifully executed and highly individual paintings which, at first glance, catch the eye and draw you in. Look more closely and there are stories being told and unexpected details. To help you to see all the intriguing detail in the pictures the Museum is even providing magnifying glasses.

Katy has lived most of her life in Steyning and has absorbed its feel and essence, which she portrays with an illustrator’s eye. She has also chosen objects and images from the Museum’s and her family’s collection to set her paintings in context - so that it is much more than a display of watercolours alone.

Katy’s versatility is demonstrated by the addition of some of her book illustration work. This includes her unique book ‘Devilish Tricks and Deadly Sins’, an amazing version of Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’. The Museum will provide visitors with the opportunity to see and enjoy the full range of her illustrations by turning over to fresh pages of this volume every few days.

The exhibition has just opened and will continue on display until the end of August. The artist herself will be at the exhibition on Bank Holiday Monday, 26 May, when she will talk about her work and show herself at work.

After school in Steyning, Katy Sleight trained as an illustrator and gained First Class Honours in Graphic Design at Brighton. She has recently gained a Master’s Degree in Sequential Illustration and Design. She says of her work that it records the present with an awareness of the past, combining history and imagination with close observation and fine brushwork. She finds inspiration in the trees, ancient stones and brickwork, old sheds and outbuildings of the area - depicting the plants and small creatures that make their homes in and around them, together with something of the people who have been there before.

Once seen, her pictures haunt the memory and leave you with visions and insights into the mysterious beauty of the Sussex scene which will change the way you see our ordinary world forever.

Please refer to the Museum’s website,, for further information.

Steyning Museum is open 5 days each week - 10.30 to 12.30 and 2.30 to 4.30 (4.00 October to April) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday plus Sunday afternoons and Bank Holiday Mondays.

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Katy Sleight's watercolour entitled
Dead Heads at Beeding


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