For January 14, 2008


The exhibition is subtitled “An Inspiration and a Livelihood.”

The “Inspiration” provided by the Downs can be seen in how the earliest settlers responded to their environment through to more recent prose, poetry and pictures. They capture the beauty of the sweep of the Downs as well as the close-up magic of the individual plants and birds. The display also touches on some of the beliefs and legends inspired by the brooding dominance of Chanctonbury Ring.

The way in which the Downs provide a “Livelihood” is revealed by an examination of farming in the parish of Coombes over several centuries - illustrated by a variety of shepherding objects and photographs and by some thoughts on dew ponds. Additionally, the whole issue of the National Park is considered.

The exhibitions runs from January to April.

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Chanctonbury Ring Dewpond

Above is how Chanctonbury Ring looked in 1930. Cattle are drinking at the dewpond and the beech trees on the Ring are a feature recognised for miles around. The great hurricane of 1987 transformed this famous landscape (below).

Chanctonbury Ring After the Hurricane



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