For October 13, 2007


As part of the nationwide Big Draw Art Day on Saturday 13th October, 11 am until 5 pm, Steyning Museum is welcoming all comers to add their own picture to the history of the town. Whether artist or amateur, toddler or Titian, anyone can add a piece to the Big Picture of historic Steyning as represented by the treasures and fascinating exhibits on display in the museum.

This will be a great event to bring all the family along. Youngsters will be encouraged to search the museum’s collection and choose anything that inspires them to make a picture of it, and just the same applies to the grown ups!

Entrance and materials are all free. Choose to draw with pencils or charcoal, coloured pens or crayons, chalks or pastels. Perhaps you prefer to paint or try a collage with paper wool or fabric, or experiment with a multi-media mixture. If you are already a practising artist you would be most welcome to bring your own equipment. To bring a unity to the variety of pictures, a tonal theme of ‘autumn colours’ is suggested.

Let your imagination run away with you. There is a whole museum full of exhibits to inspire you, from prehistoric fossils and ancient coins to the skeleton of Steyning Man, costumes and contemporary objects. You could even copy the elegant calligraphy of a historic document or explore modern times in the latest exhibition all about the building and life of our own highway, the A283.

Whatever you contribute to the mosaic of artwork will take its place in the Big Picture, which will go on display in the Museum and become a part of Steyning’s history - your very own part! Proud children and parents or experienced artists alike will be able to visit the Museum and show off their work to impress friends and family.

The Museum’s Curator Chris Tod, Education Officer and organiser of the Big Draw Jacqui Buttriss, artist-in-residence Janet Keystone, and stewards will be on hand to offer expert help and guidance and answer any questions.

The Museum is holding the Big Draw Art Day as part of thousands of events taking place nationwide and this is the second time it has been held following the popularity and success of last year. See what else is going on at the Big Draw website: . You can also find out more about Steyning and its history from the Museum’s own website, where you will also find lots of links to sites of related interest - very useful for help with homework or exploring the wider history of Sussex. Materials for the day have kindly been funded by a grant from the Co-op Community Dividend Fund.

PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS: This event will offer plenty of opportunity for lively and interesting shots both of the works produced and the participants at work. You are welcome anytime during the day, though judging from last year the afternoon may be busier.

David Haseldine,
Publicity Officer,
The Museum,
Church Street,
West Sussex
BN44 3YB

Telephone: 01903 813333


The beautiful collage produced at last year's Big Draw.


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