May 21, 2007


An exhibition of quilting and patchwork is now on at Steyning Museum displaying work of the highest quality and beauty. All the exhibits have been made by local women and include both highly decorative quiltwork and imaginatively created objects such as cushions, pincushions, bags, purses and children’s balls and toys.

This traditional craft is raised to the highest standards of decorative art by people who have practised their hobby for many years and yet is a simple and accessible activity at which the beginner can quickly learn and display his or her own inventiveness. On Monday 28th May from 10.30am, during the Steyning Town Fair, there will be have-a-go sessions for beginners where they can learn the basic 9-patch pattern from people who have contributed their work to the exhibition.

No special skills are required to begin making things of startling beauty from the homeliest materials - scraps of cloth, discarded clothes, off-cuts of worn out homeware. Take thread and a needle or sewing machine and these disregarded trifles can be transformed into craftworks both useful and attractive, which the maker can display with pride at home.

Originating in the simple necessity of recycling scarce materials in the home, quilting has grown through the use of simple traditional patterns and the imagination of the individual quilter into a decorative art in its own right. A leaflet on the history of the craft has been prepared by the Museum to help visitors understand and enjoy all the more the fine work on display.

The exhibition will continue for the next two months.

This is an ideal article to illustrate with photographs. Please contact the Curator, Chris Tod, on 01903 813333 to arrange a visit for photographers.

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