in the Big Tent
31 May 2018

It was our turn to give back to our community and put on lots of activities for children as part of the Steyning Festival.

The day before I was wondering what it would be like in a large tent, with lots of children, in a thunderstorm! I needn't have worried, it was worse! No seriously, it was great even though it did rain, a lot. Our helpers braved it through the rain and so did the children. There were 50 of them with their families and as the tent warmed up and the sun eventually came out there was a lovely happy, busy atmosphere.

The children, of all ages, took part in a variety of activities including dressing up as knights together with some realistic weapons and also as Victorians. They made mosaic pictures from tiles, produced wonderful brass rubbings, dug in the archaeology tray, played with games and toys, used their imaginations using glove puppets and string puppets. They calmly coloured in pictures and designed shields and even had the chance to use Victorian stereoscopes too. They concentrated on drawing items from the museum, called line or observational drawings, which was a new experience for many.

The children and families really enjoyed themselves, with lots of reminiscing going on for the adults. I heard 'I remember that' and 'they haven't sat and done drawings like that for so long before' and 'it's lovely to see them doing practical play and not just pushing buttons'. All in all a very successful morning for both the museum and the Festival. We also signed up a new steward too.

I simply can't finish without a huge thank you to all the helpers. There were 20 of us and without them it would not have been possible to have such a fantastic morning. Thank you.

Joan Denwood

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