February 2016

The museum held a successful activity day during the recent half term, with 34 children and 22 adults coming along. It really was a lively, fun day and just as a museum should be.

The toy table provided great fun for all ages, particularly the Jack-in-the-Boxes and Jacob's Ladder. Bagatelle provided a good maths lesson with adding up the scores and "What is Shove Ha'penny?" some asked. Manipulating string puppets in a puppet theatre was a challenge and the glove puppets created lots of discussion too. Costumes for both boys and girls were enjoyed with rich Victorian and Tudor dresses, as well as Knight and King costumes. The popular brass-rubbing activity had children going back over and over again and taking their masterpieces home. Another item taken home was from the craft table where Spring baskets, created as a nest were made, with a treat inside too.

Many thanks to all our visitors for coming along and especially to our helpers, without whom all this would not be possible. As they were leaving two brothers said "That was great, can we come to the next one?"

The next Activity Morning, organised by Steyning Museum, will be on Tuesday 31st May 10 - 12.30 in a marquee on Fletcher's Croft as part of the Steyning Festival.

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