The Market-Houses of Steyning
by Janet Pennington
Notes to Page Three

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12 Hudson, 240-1.

13 He is presumably referring to what was to became the 1764 Turnpike Act for the road between Horsham and Steyning, though the improvements were not made for some years.

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15 Hudson, 234, notes three Fairs in Steyning, on 8th September, Michaelmas, and 29th May.

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19 J. Pennington, The Chequer Inn, Steyning: Five centuries of innkeeping in a Sussex Market Town, (Lancing: Lancing Press, 1990), 27, notes that in the early 19th century there were 'Girls in the Cage' during the time that soldiers were garrisoned in Steyning during the Napoleonic Wars; in 1815 one man was kept 'in hold' at the Chequer Inn for two days, though quite where he was kept is unknown, hopefully not the cellar; Hudson, 13-14, 238; the former pigeon house of Michelgrove House at Clapham had been converted into a clock-tower some time after 1800. The Duke of Norfolk purchased the estate in 1827 and eventually pulled the house down, when the clock became redundant and was moved to Steyning.

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21 WSRO, Add. Ms. 45,501, Bill of Thomas Griffin to Daniel Easton.

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