The Market-Houses of Steyning
by Janet Pennington
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1 S.G.H. Freeth, I.A. Mason, P.M.Wilkinson, A Catalogue of the Horsham Museum MSS, (Chichester: West Sussex County Council, 1995), 19;. A. Butler, Steyning, Sussex: The history of Steyning and Its church from 700-1913, (c.1913), 27: 'The old Session House or Town Hall, which stood in the middle of High Street, and in which the Courts of the Lords were held, was removed years ago…'; with thanks to Chris Tod, Curator of Steyning Museum, for making this book available - the two copies that should be in Steyning Library have disappeared; T.P. Hudson, The Victoria History of the County of Sussex, 6, pt 1, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1986), 238, f.n.13; 'Butler, Steyning, 27, incorrectly states that the town hall formerly stood in the middle of High Street'. However, Butler was right, the town hall or market-house (my italics) did stand in the middle of the High Street.

2 Horsham Museum (hereafter HM) Ms.126A. Incidentally, from 1291 'time immemorial' or 'time out of mind' was time beyond legal memory, fixed as the period before the accession of Richard I in 1189.

3 R. Harris, (ed.), Weald & Downland Open Air Museum Guidebook, (1988), 17.

4 WSRO, Add. MS. 37,522. Church Street (which should be opposite 'A Road up the Hill') has not been indicated, presumably  because the map was drawn for consideration of a turnpike road through the town; West Sussex Record Office (hereafter WSRO), Wiston Mss 6152-3; 6964, 6972-7: these rentals list a house on the north side of the High Street 'on the north side of the Market-house'; WSRO, Add. Ms. 22,157 lists a house on the south side of the High Street in 1683 that is 'against the market-house there'. The word 'against' did not then mean 'next to' as nowadays, but 'directly opposite, facing, in front of, in full view of'; J. Pennington, 'The Inns and Taverns of Western Sussex, 1550-1700: A Regional Study of Their Architectural and Social History, (unpub. PhD, University of Southampton, 2003) p.16, table 4 (copy of thesis in SAS Library).

5 Hudson, 234-5; E. W. Cox and F. Duke, In and Around Steyning: A Historical Survey Made In 1953, (Steyning: Wests, 1954), 85; see R. McKinley, The Surnames of Sussex, (Oxford: Leopard's Head Press, 1988), 164-5 for a history of the surname Veske; E. W. Cox, 'The Steyning Burgesses 1278-1826', Steyning Parish Magazine, 115, (July, 1929), 2.

6 Harris, 17-18.

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