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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The big day has arrived! We have been looking forward to "breakthrough", when the back window of the main building becomes a doorway into the extension.

Extension 29
Extension 30

Chris Tod, the Museum Curator, has been busy moving or covering things to protect them from dust. In fact the job was achieved with no dust and the sliding doors are about to be fitted. New back doors to the building are also being put in place as the old doors had become rotten.

Friday, October 27, 2005

This is the view from the extension into the main part of the Museum and another view through the same door looking the other way, into the extension. Floor coverings will be laid next week and other fittings can then be installed. Chris Tod will begin the task of preparing the display of exhibits and setting up new facilities for visitors. Behind the scenes, the new storage area will improve the way exhibits are kept and made accessible for use but reorganising everything is likely to take some time.

Entension 31
Extension 32

Monday, November 14, 2005

The new grass seed has grown and had its first cut. The builders have removed their fences and everything is looking clean and tidy.

Extension 33

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Today the builders handed the extension over to the Museum with an official exchange of the key. Simon Stringer of Stringer and Kitson presented the key to Chris Tod as the local press recorded the event. There were several guests, including Anna Grundy from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Here she is talking to Chris Tod in the new upper floor storage room. She warmly congratulated Steyning Museum for the great success of its building project, completed two months earlier than planned.

Extension 35
Extension 36

It has been a day for celebration and a big "thankyou" to everyone who supported the idea and helped it to become a reality. Of course, Chris Tod was too polite to tell the builders that the key wouldn't fit in his pocket because in every other respect their work has been beautiful.

Extension 38
Extension 39

Front page news in the Steyning Herald!

Extension 37

Thank You!

There is a sign on the wall recording the Museum's gratitude to all those who suported the extension project. By Summer 2006 the new extension will be ready to open to the public, with an area for children, study, special exhibits and more.

Tony Kitson will continue with his photographic diary as the new exhibition space develops. Thanks for keeping our web users up to date Tony - great photos!





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