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Extension 1

Monday, July 26, 2005

A large sign announces that the Museum extension project is underway. Tony Kitson is at the scene with his digital camera. The mechanical diggers move in, but building work is halted when archaeological features are revealed. The local newspapers come to record the cutting of the "first sod" but leave with an unexpected archaeological story as well.

Extension 2
Extension 3

Tuesday, July 27, 2005

Museum Curator, Chris Tod, is amazed to see a growing number of finds emerging from the site.

Extension 4
Extension 5

Friday, July 29, 2005

Archaeologists extract a large animal bone, one of many pieces of bone and pottery found during the four day excavation. The Museum extension story appears in the Steyning Herald, the West Sussex Gazette and the West Sussex County Times.

The finds need to be closely analysed but some early thoughts are:

1. A possible boundary ditch and some small waste pits were revealed.
2. The finds and the features appear to be late Saxon to early Norman.

Extension 6

Pictured above are pottery, bones and teeth laid out after they emerged from the ground. Some of these finds will be on view in the Museum extension when it is completed. Chris Tod, the Curator, had a word with the builders and came up with an imaginative plan. Visitors will be able to look through a glass window in the floor, into an illuminated pit. A display of finds in the pit will be a permanent reminder of the archaeology discovered below the building.

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